15 Sales Funnel Hacks to Maximize Your Business Profit (Part 1 of 4)

15 sales funnel hacks

We’ve created this 4 part series entitled: “15 Sales Funnel Hacks to Maximize Your Business Profit”, for you to give you the answers to 15 important questions and challenges every Marketer faces when it comes to traffic, conversions and sales online! Oh, by the way… if you’re serious about wanting to get started building your own outrageously … Click to Continue!

How to Acquire The Best Email Leads

How to Acquire The Best Email Leads and Happy Customers

To acquire the best email leads for YOUR particular list, you must first understand your customers.

By understanding your customers, you´ll know how to find them and make them happy.

Quick question: What´s the first thing that pops up in your head when you think of emails?

Is it spam, promotions, commercial, virus, or fraud?

A darn shame if you ask me… But not uncommon considering all the BS.

I experienced the same problem when I was working with telemarketing.

Marketers don´t get the credit they deserve, because of the “scammers,” “ignorant youngsters” and “greedy people” who don´t care much about helping their customers.

The only way we can fight back is by proving them wrong.

It´s important, because no business would either function or profit without a distribution channel. Thus, I think we deserve better.

The way we can prove we´re not all bad guys, is by sincerely caring for helping our customers.

Show them that we´re human just like them and can be trusted, even if it takes a few extra minutes or setbacks on our profit.

If you can’t turn yourself into your customer, you probably shouldn’t be in the ad writing business at all.Leo Burnett

So if you´re serious?

There´s hope

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How to Run a Results Focused Email Marketing Campaign – Email Strategy Template

Email Marketing Campaign Template

This is the email marketing campaign template we use at Me And You Marketing.

It´s a prime example of a well executed email marketing campaign using best practices, and how an email content strategy could look like.

Yours might look a little different and that´s okay.

So feel free to alter it for your needs

Click here to download your free email marketing campaign and strategy template.

or just add your own unique goal.

I do recommend you refer back to this template when you´re creating an email marketing campaign, to make sure it´s inline with your brand identity and that you stay results focused.

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Okay, let´s start with your email branding and content strategy…

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