108 Proven Split Test Winners


108 proven split test winners







Here is my personal review of Russell Brunson´s book “108 proven split test winners”

+ 15 Free split test winners you can download below!

On this page you´ll find simple tweaks you can make to your website/funnel, so you can make more money now. I have made an in dept review of 108 proven split test winners, I will give some of the split tests inside that you can apply and use today within minutes.

Okay, at first glance when received the book it did´nt look like much… Even though I had high hopes!

When reading it more thoroughly I realized that´s because its written in its most simplicity! Easy to understand and to copy/add the tips provided into your sales funnel… Some are simple tweaks that you can apply in a matter of seconds, and will increase your conversion rate with as much as 313% 

The thing is if you´re not split testing you leave loads of money on the table!

So I got started right away to test the tips and tweaks that suited me the most and that I found useful for my business…

It’s almost impossible to add all of them. It covers so many aspects of your business, i found one part very interesting but is something I wont have use of fo now… It was the two-step call center part! The sales letter blueprint that increased the backend sales with 200% called the “toilet letter”

I have 8 years of experience working with telemarketing and have master the phycology behind selling, using your voice and words as the only tool. This “toilet letter” is a close mach from how I structured my calls.

That is just 1 of the split tests inside covered in dept!

… It has 141 pages packed with 108 proven split test winners that covers everything from landing pages to traffic and writing your follow-up series. (Every crucial part of your sales funnel, even the little things.) So I wont type them all out.

Here is a few of the 108 proven split test winners that i liked….


108 proven split test winners review


Here is a few more!

  • An abomination – Where he tested to have a trusted profile on his picture (the president) for the landing page vs a hot girl in a bikini. Guess who won? The bikini girl increased lead capture by 45%
  • Facebook and payment plans – Adding a payment plan divided in three even if the total cost at the end would be higher increased conversions with 75%
  • Two magic words increase conversion by 28% – Just by changing two words in your headline!! I mean come on but it worked for me to…
  • Facebook testimonials and where to use them
  • Big annoying buttons raises conversions!
  • Building your hot list to increase sales percentage
  • Order button delay – Should you have it or not?
  • How to use payment options to increase ROI and conversions
  • Specific numbers in headlines increases opt in rates and CTR


split test1

split test2






There so many other good ones like “Don´t scare cold traffic”, “The ugly blue version” and “Too much trust”… And that’s just the conversion test chapter! It also includes the traffic tests, backend sale tests and email tests with subject lines winners and more included.

There´s also several blueprints with scan the QR code to save or print of your computer…

Download 15 favorites from the 108 proven split test winners for free below!

Pros and Cons!


  1. Covers every aspect of your funnel
  2. EASY to add strategies that i never thought of that makes a huge different
  3. Saves you a lot of time and headache split testing all areas, not to mention money
  4. Very graphical content – could relate and recognize having pages similar to mine
  5. Have seen immediate result with 100% of the things tested
  6. (It´s a free book), when only covering the shipment cost of $9.75 It´s a no-brainer that has the potential of increasing your ROI with more than 650%
  7. Will make you realize where you´re bleeding money and how to stop it.


  1. Not beginner friendly – You should at least have created a squeeze page before or be familiar with an auto-responder.
  2. It´s not explained with step by step instructions on how to add the strategy but you get the picture. They tell you what they´ve tested and show what works and don´t, and most important explains why.
  3. Would like to have more on customer relationship – successful email follow ups, but that´s very personal for each niche. It depends on your goal, the business you’re in etc…


You have a few split tests in the infographic above that you can use to instantly increase conversions. You have 15 more that you can download below for free. Start there and you´ll find out how powerful this book is. If you don´t have a service or tool to build out your sales funnel yet? To use these split tests… (You can register for a free trial of the one I use here!)

Don´t buy this book, if you´re only looking for a way to make money online starting out with nothing, only want to promote affiliate products on your website. If you´re not capable of taking action… Don´t buy it either…

However if you´re looking for a way to immediately increase conversions and add more leads to your list, drive more sales and have long-term customers, know how to add the perfect up sell/down sell and build a funnel where you get max ROI…

Then  “108 proven split test winners”  talks for itself and is a must have in your book collection!

Need more proof?

Below is a screenshot from a landing page I created implementing only 3 of the 108 proven split test winners. I built it out using Clickfunnels in less than 10 minutes, you can get a FREE 2 Week Trial here and give it a test spin!

108 proven split test winners



I Totally Recommend 108 proven split test winners 100%

P.S. Hope you found this useful and helped you decide whether you should get it or not :) (Don´t forget to download your 15 free split tests below). After you have downloaded the free split tests you will be able to get the copy shipped out to you for free. Only cover the shipment and handling cost. Would love for you to drop me a comment below related to split tests. Share this with your friends using the buttons below or to the left…


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